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Delawareans have a long and noble tradition of serving our nation and our state in the United States military. The men and women of the military, including the Delaware Army and Air National Guard, are dedicated to defending freedom and we honor their service and sacrifice. Delaware’s veterans can be proud of their service and we will continue to support programs aimed at bettering their lives. Their efforts support national and global democracy and protect our American rights and values. The Delaware Democratic Party supports:

  • Ensuring sufficient funding for Veteran’s facilities,
  • Opposing any attempt to close down any of our military facilities, including Dover Air Force Base and all of our National Guard facilities,
  • Supporting the families of those deployed on domestic and foreign soil,
  • Dignified healthcare worthy of all those who have served in the US Armed Forces, and
  • Education, training, and investment in our military families to help them transition to civilian life.

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