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The Delaware Democratic Party believes that there are many types of families and all should be embraced. A strong family is the backbone to a healthy society. Government should support families and promote an understanding of the diversity of society. The Delaware Democratic Party supports:

  • Working to improve the quality of life for all families, children and senior citizens,
  • Preserving and protecting Social Security as a public system for current recipients and future generations,
  • Providing affordable and accessible health care,
  • Unwavering support for a woman’s right to choose,
  • Improving Delaware’s foster care and adoption system,
  • Reducing the number of families living in poverty,
  • Expanding support for caregivers,
  • Providing state assistance and assuring the highest level of professional care for senior citizens and disabled persons to enhance the quality of life,
  • Continuing efforts to advocate that the federal government expand Medicare prescription benefits, and
  • Supporting the expansion of biomedical research for the public’s health.

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