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The Delaware Democratic Party firmly believes that graduation from a quality public school and the opportunity to succeed in college must be the birthright of every child and not just the privileged. We must prepare all of our students, young and old, with the 21st Century skills necessary to succeed in a technologically changing environment. The Delaware Democratic Party supports:

  • Fixing the failures and broken promises of No Child Left Behind while maintaining the goal to provide every child access to a world class education by raising standards,
  • Ending the practice of labeling a school and its students as failures without having provided the necessary resources and supports the students need,
  • Encouraging an openness to alternative forms of educational opportunities,
  • Continuing to strengthen relationships of all stakeholders involved in a child’s education
  • Expanding early childhood education for all children,
  • Encouraging relationships between business, government and community leaders with secondary and higher educational institutions,
  • Making a college education affordable to everyone,
  • Providing clean and safe environments that are conducive to learning, and
  • Expanding and encouraging adult education and job training opportunities.

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