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The Delaware Democratic Party understands that we are at a critical moment of transition regarding the economy and our ultimate success depends on dynamism, determination, and innovation. We recognize that our success depends on strong local and national leadership in order to move forward with confidence and a common purpose. The Delaware Democratic Party supports:

  • Strengthening Delaware’s leadership standing among the 50 states,
  • Identifying opportunities to sustain and strengthen Delaware’s economy by encouraging entrepreneurship and small business ownership,
  • Promoting economic diversity by developing and supporting minority and women owned businesses,
  • Ensuring that state leaders are effectively engaged with all Delaware employers,
  • Maintaining a friendly environment for business that fosters the growth and development of all businesses,
  • Fostering scientific, technological, and information technology innovations, and
  • Encouraging long-term stability by ensuring that all economic development creates good jobs that provide livable wages and benefits for all of Delaware’s working families.

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