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Delaware Democrats recognize that we must manage our environment in a responsible manner in order to protect Delaware for future generations, while preserving the property rights, businesses and industries that depend on our state’s land. The Delaware Democratic Party believes clean energy is one of the critical keys to the health, environmental sustainability and economic future of this country. The Delaware Democratic Party believes every level of government must develop programs to reduce energy demand by:

  • Transitioning to the use of green buildings in residential, business, and government sectors,
  • Weatherizing low income housing,
  • Offering incentives to decrease transportation energy needs,
  • Requiring land use planning to take into account the impact of development on transportation energy costs,
  • Increasing access to public transportation and promoting expanded use of transit, carpools, and vanpools by employers and individuals,
  • Supporting efforts to transition our energy supply to a combination of distributed and centralized renewable sources while recognizing the critical need for requiring existing generation facilities meet environmental standards, and
  • Advocating the cultivation of a regional green center of expertise in Delaware to foster job demand and opportunities in the energy sector,

The Delaware Democratic Party supports:

  • Protecting and improving the quality of Delaware’s land, water and air,
  • Growing the participation of community recycling throughout Delaware and into our government offices at all levels,
  • Preserving Delaware’s open space and agricultural lands,
  • Encouraging responsible development and redevelopment with an emphasis on community stakeholder interests, and
  • Holding corporations responsible for the pollution they cause.

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